In the beginning there was Nothing. Time then mated with Nothing, from which came Something. And from that Something, Ma, a giant goddess of physical perfection, created herself. Although immortal, Ma was cursed with mortal feelings and desires, and begged Nkulunkulu (The Supreme Being) for a companion as beautiful as herself. Nkulunkulu took pity on her and granted her wish, but only if she swore to love her companion unconditionally, and that together, they beget life. An oath, that if broken, would bring about cosmic annihilation.

Ma swore whole-heartedly, and had no objections, that is, until she saw the companion created for her. Although undeniably grotesque and hideous on the outside, Sima-Kade, a part plant, part animal, Baobab colossus, was exquisitely virtuous within. An incredible inner beauty that imperfect Ma could not see hidden within his repugnant exterior.

Overcome with disgust, she tried to flee, but such was his infatuation, that he broke free from his earthly shackles, and pursued her relentlessly across the earth, held aloft by his slithering root-tentacles. Had it not been for her quick-thinking, Sima-Kade would have surely caught her before she lured him into a fatal trap.

It was then that Ma revealed her cold indifference and left him there to die. Having broken the oath she swore, Nkulunkulu set about fulfilling his promise of annihilation and began to crumble and collapse the cosmos. In his final moments, Sima-Kade declared his undying love for her and brought Ma face to face with her own repugnance. The guilt and shame she felt came too late and her desperate pleas for mercy were drowned out by the cataclysm. In the final moments before all of creation came crashing down, Sima-Kade hatched a plan so fantastic, a plan so bold, that it saved them both from certain death, and inadvertently planted the seed of love and life upon the Earth

Chapter One

Chapter Two