Mark McKeown has always been passionate about storytelling; African Myth, Legend and Lore being the source of his inspiration. He has a Diploma in Entertainment Technology and a Degree in Motion Picture Medium. He has written and directed a number of plays, short and full length features. He works as a stage-set designer and realizer for the Cape Town Theatre industry and has collaborated with such theatrical icons as Athol Fugard, David Kramer, Janice Honeyman and Saul Radomsky.  He has however, always aspired to be a writer and director of comic art. For the past two years, he has been self-funding  MA, a groundbreaking Graphic Novel adaptation of the Zulu Creation Myth contained within the critically acclaimed book: Indaba,My Children.

Mark’s Portfolio.

Andre Human has always had aspirations to be a comic artist. He possesses a unique insight and skill, that has made him a highly sought-after illustrator in the industry. He has a Diploma in Graphic Design, and has worked as a conceptual artist and storyboarder on many Hollywood films. With dramatic and vivid detail, Andre has painstakingly brought MA, its ancient world, and its larger-than life characters back to life. There is no doubt that Andre’s artistry and flare, rivals even the most accomplished of comic artists at work in the world today.

Andre’s Portfolio.